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ZymoSnap ALP

Alkaline Phosphatase Test

ZymoSnap (ALP) is a rapid, user-friendly, and cost-effective assay for the detection of alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity in a variety of samples. Developed by Zymo Research, a leading provider of genomic and epigenetic research products, ZymoSnap (ALP) is designed to be used in a wide range of applications, including clinical diagnostics, food and beverage testing, and environmental monitoring.



  • Rapid results: ZymoSnap (ALP) can provide results in as little as 10 minutes, making it an ideal choice for time-sensitive applications.
  • User-friendly: The assay is easy to use, with clear and concise instructions that make it accessible to users of all skill levels.
  • Cost-effective: ZymoSnap (ALP) is affordably priced, making it a cost-effective option for a wide range of applications.
  • Versatile: The assay can be used to detect ALP activity in a wide variety of samples, including blood, urine, and milk.
  • Easy to interpret: The assay uses a colorimetric assay that is easy to interpret, with a clear change in color indicating the presence of ALP activity.

Usage of Zymosnap ALP

Overall ZymoSnap (ALP) is a quick, simple and cost-effective assay to detect the Alkaline Phosphatase activity in various samples. It can be used for various purposes like Clinical diagnostics, food & beverage testing, environmental monitoring etc. It is a user-friendly assay that is easy to interpret, with a clear change in color indicating the presence of ALP activity

Key Benefits

The easiest and most cost-effective way to verify pasteurization efficiency in milk products to ensure quality and safety. Simply take sample, incubate and read in the EnSure™ Touch luminometer. Minimal training required.

All-in-One Test

Results in 5 Minutes

Regulatory Compliant

Compatible with EnSURE™ Touch

Large Sample Throughput

Batch 35 tests together with the Hygiena™ incubator and heating block. Simply collect your samples and incubate them in one pass.

Regulatory Compliant

Detects below the regulatory limit of 350 mU/L.

Works with EnSURE™ Touch & SureTrend™ Cloud

Centralize all your environmental monitoring and food safety test results in one cloud-based dashboard for a 360-degree view of your food safety program. Track and trend results overtime to make more informed decisions to reduce risk and improve the bottom-line.

How To Use ZymoSnap ALP