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SureTrend® Cloud

Actionable Data-Driven Insights

Hygiena's SureTrend Cloud is a cloud information assessment software  system that unleashes the power of  EnSURE Touch. The theme offers top-notch data security to protect system effects and has over thirty pre-programmed revisions. Additionally, using this system helps to discover the educational opportunities surrounding the cleaning protocol.


Key Benefits

  • Suretrend CLOUD is a free records managing cloud software.
  • FREE with each ENSURE TOUCH luminometer
  • Handle records inside the CLOUD for more than one Devices /Sites
  • Intuitive and Easy to use and Set-up
  • Tranning videos for staff are available.
  • Full Support is provided from LABTEK Staff and Hygiena
  • Suitable for use in various industries such as food service, healthcare, and laboratory
  • Built-in memory that can store up to 99 results
  • Simple, one-button operation
  • Results displayed in just 15 seconds

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  1. Click at the Single Sign-On hyperlink at the SureTrend Cloud login page.
  2.  You might also use the direct SSO hyperlink on your account.
  3.  Enter your Email cope with and whole the CAPTCHA, then click on Log In.
  4.  You may be redirected in your identification company. Complete the login
    process out of your identification company.

User Guide

Lets take you on a ride of user guide.

Key Benefits

Improve Decision Making by Visualizing Dynamic Data Maps

Gain a snapshot of your facilities by using environmental maps. Our color-coded test points allow you to assess the state of your facility at a glance. Plus, access a complete history of each test location with a click of a mouse.

Simple and Secure Access for Multiple Users​

Easily manage your users’ access with enhanced domain lock and Single Sign On. One click and you’re in!

Easily Import Data from Multiple Sources​​

Combine food safety test results from multipe testing platforms to obtain a complete picture of your food safety risk.

Monitor Multiple Facilities from Anywhere

Track and trend test results across multiple facilities. Identify cleaning trends, contamination spikes and corrective actions. Monitor equipment and track changes in your cleaning procedures. Know when to replace difficult-to-clean parts. Get the data and insights you need to maximize decision-making across all your facilities… in less time.



Managing Users

Managing Sites

Creating Locations

Creating Test Plans

Syncing Unit