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MicroSnap TOTAL

MicroSnap Total is a new technology that offers a revolutionary way to measure and monitor the performance of industrial machinery. It is a highly accurate and reliable system that can be used to measure a wide range of parameters, including vibration, temperature, and pressure.



    • Provides real-time monitoring of industrial machinery.
    • Allows for early detection of potential issues, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
    • Can be used to measure a wide range of parameters, including vibration, temperature, and pressure.
    • Highly accurate and reliable.
    • Easy to install and use.
MicroSnap TOTAL| Indicator Organisms

Usage of Q-Swab

MicroSnap Total is an ideal solution for a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, mining, and power generation. It can be used to monitor and measure the performance of a variety of industrial machinery, including pumps, motors, and conveyors. By providing real-time monitoring and early detection of potential issues, MicroSnap Total can help to reduce downtime and maintenance costs, increasing efficiency and productivity. Additionally, it can be used to monitor and measure the performance of critical infrastructure, such as bridges and buildings, for early detection of potential structural issues. Overall MicroSnap Total is an ideal solution for industries that require accurate and reliable measurement and monitoring of industrial machinery and infrastructure.

Key Benefits

Same-Shift Results

Reduce Costs

Easy-to-Use Format

Works with Filtered Samples

Works with EnSURE™ Touch and SureTrend™ Cloud

MicroSnap Coliform | Indicator Organisms

Same Shift Results

Rapid test results are essential to releasing product quickly. The MicroSnap™ family of rapid indicator organism tests enables food safety and quality manager to enumerate samples in 6 hours and to determine presence/absence in 8 hours. Simply collect sample, incubate and read with a Hygiena™ Luminometer.

MicroSnap Coliform | Indicator Organisms

Reduce Costs and Shorten Release Cycles

While sending samples to the lab for PCR analysis can be necessary for a specific application, simpler more cost-effective solutions can supplement your testing protocols. Integrating MicroSnap™ as a rapid indicator test within your testing protocol will reduce material cost, shipping costs and lab fees. Plus, a rapid test also means shorter production hold times and lower inventory holding costs, all leading to more cost savings.

MicroSnap Coliform | Indicator Organisms

Flexible and Easy-to-Use Format

MicroSnap’s efficient design makes microorganism testing flexible and easy. It can be used for both surfaces and samples. Both options use a simple 2-step process: enrichment and detection. Plus, the patented Snap-Valve holds a precise amount of specific enrichment broth, ready to be used for either product or surface samples. Within the enrichment device is a built-in pipette, enabling convenient and efficient transfer of enriched samples to the detection device. The enriched sample is read on a Hygiena™ luminometer, which means no tedious colony counting is necessary. Use the RLU to CFU conversion table to determine the outcome. Microorganism testing has never been easier.

MicroSnap Coliform | Indicator Organisms

Complete Hygiena Monitoring Program

MicroSnap™ is an essential component within a complete environmental monitoring program. Combine MicroSnap™ with the EnSURE™ Touch and SureTrend™ Cloud to capture and trend your test results over time. Use the SureTrend™ Cloud dashboard to see how your ATP testing program impacts your microorganism testing and how the two work together to reduce your risk of a contamination event.

MicroSnap™ Enhanced Nutrient Broth

MicroSnap™ Enhanced Nutrient Broth is a non-selective protein solution. The 9mL nutrient broth enables low-level enumeration when used with MicroSnap™ Total, MicroSnap™ Coliform and MicroSnap™ E. coli. For milk samples, use with MicroSnap Coliform to detect 1 CFU/mL (AOAC-RI Performance Tested Method (Certificate #071302).

Only available by special order in quantities of 25 boxes or more. Contact a sales representative for more information.

MicroSnap Coliform | Indicator Organisms

How To Use

MicroSnap™ Total & EB with EnSURE™ Touch

MicroSnap™ EB with EnSURE™