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Creating exceptional wine is a complex process that requires precision and finesse. Undesirable residues left behind after ineffective sanitation can ruin the fruits of your labor and compromise entire batches. In addition to ATP sanitation monitoring solutions to verify sanitation in barrels, tanks, and bottling lines, wineries can track and trend bacterial contamination with the RiboPrinter® System. Hygiena makes it easy to ensure facility cleanliness and protect brand reputation.

The most intuitive environmental monitoring system.

SuperSnap is capable of detecting extremely low levels of ATP; making it perfect for supporting stringent SOPs, including allergen cross-contamination prevention.

UltraSnap™ is a user-friendly, all-in-one ATP sampling test used with Hygiena luminometers.

MicroSnap™ Total delivers same-day Total Viable Count test results, giving you the advantage of knowing microbial levels on the same day samples are collected.

Quantitative immunosorbent assay designed for the quantitative determination of allergens in raw materials and final products for 20 specific allergens.

Measure both microbial ATP (living cells and particulate matter) and Free ATP (non-microbial or dead cells) in water samples.