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Ensure is an ATP (adenosine tri phosphate) monitoring system that allows users to quickly and accurately measure ATP levels in various environments. ATP is the primary source of energy in all living cells, making it an important indicator of the overall health and cleanliness of a given area.



  • Fast and accurate ATP measurement: Ensure provides reliable ATP readings in just 15 seconds, allowing users to quickly assess the cleanliness of a surface or environment.
  • Easy to use: The system is simple to operate, with a user-friendly interface and clear instructions.
  • Versatile: Ensure can be used in a variety of settings, including hospitals, food processing facilities, and other industrial environments.
Ensure | ATP Monitoring

Usage of EnSURE

Food processing: In the food industry, ATP monitoring is critical for ensuring the cleanliness and safety of food products. Ensure can be used to quickly assess the cleanliness of equipment and surfaces in food processing facilities, helping to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and contaminants. Healthcare: In healthcare settings, ATP monitoring can help to ensure that patient rooms and equipment are properly cleaned and disinfected. By regularly measuring ATP levels, hospitals and other healthcare facilities can ensure that they are meeting necessary standards for cleanliness and infection control. Manufacturing: In manufacturing settings, ATP monitoring can be used to ensure that production equipment is clean and free of contaminants. This is particularly important in industries such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices, where even small amounts of contamination can have serious consequences. Overall, Ensure is a valuable tool for quickly and accurately assessing the cleanliness and hygiene of various environments. Its versatility and ease of use make it an essential tool for a wide range of industries.

Senior Performance

The data speaks for itself. The most comprehensive evaluation of ATP hygiene monitoring systems has been completed by one of the world’s premier food and beverage reference laboratories. They evaluated these four key areas of performance.


The linearity graph shows a direct, proportional, straight-line relationship between RLU and ATP for the Hygiena™ system. The closer to linear a system can get, the more precise and reliable the results will be. Systems that deviate from linear offer less reliable results and less sensitivity. The data in the graphic demonstrates the Hygiena™ system is among the most linear on the market.

Less is More

Repeatability is described by Coefficient of Variation (CV). The higher the CV, the greater the variability between each result with the same sample. More variability means the results are more inconsistent and unreliable. The graph shows that Hygiena™ systems consistently deliver dependable results with the lowest CV.

100% Recyclable

Sensitivity is defined as the Limit of Detection (LoD). It is the smallest amount of ATP detectable above the background noise of the system. Background noise is the RLU detected by the system in the absence of ATP. Background noise may come from both the instrument (as electrical interference), and the reagent swab device (as chemical interference). Hygiena™ systems detect the lowest levels of ATP.

Less is More

To test accuracy, 100 fmoles of ATP was added to each test device and measurements were taken (using 10 replicates) to determine how much of the available sample was actually detected. Results less than 100% indicate that only part of the sample was detected due to some interference within the system. Results over 100% indicate extra signal coming from the test device. Hygiena’s system is the closest to 100%, thus the least variable.

Better Design

Battery Power for Months

EnSURE® runs on two AA batteries providing long battery life so you don’t have to worry about charging the unit every day. You can expect up to 8-12 months of uninterrupted use before needing to change the batteries. Replacement batteries are very affordable, whereas other systems use batteries that are expensive to replace and only last 6-8 hours with a minimum charge time of 2 hours.

Better technology in a smaller box.

EnSURE® uses state-of-the-art Photodiode (PD) sensor technology that provides superior sensitivity and stability over fragile and bulky photomultiplier tube (PMT) sensors. The small, thin and sleek design of the photodiode has several advantages over PMT. They’re more durable and more energy-efficient.

Removable Read Chamber

Ensure - ATP Monitoring

Unique to the EnSURE® is the removable read chamber, which makes cleaning easy. The demands of some facilities can commonly lead to contaminated read chambers. Other manufacturers require you to ship your system back if the read chamber becomes contaminated, resulting in costly repairs and delays. The EnSURE® is designed so you can quickly clean the read chamber, reducing downtime and saving money.

Maximum Durability

Ensure - ATP Monitoring

The EnSURE® system’s durable outer shell and keypad are meant to last. The splash-proof keypad won’t let moisture in and the robust outer shell is sturdy to withstand the shock of minor drops and years of use.

Designed For One Hand Use

Ensure - ATP Monitoring

Even when you already have your hands full, the sleek design of EnSURE® makes scrolling and selecting test locations a breeze. The EnSURE® is completely operable with one hand, making your life that much easier. Dimension are 3″ x 7″ x 1″ (7.6 cm x 17.8 cm x 3 cm).

Work Hands-free Wherever You Go

Ensure - ATP Monitoring

Each EnSURE® comes with a complimentary protective carrying case and shoulder strap so you can work hands-free wherever you go. The carrying case and shoulder strap minimize potential drops to keep your device safe while on the go. In addition, the carrying case comes with a zipper pouch for convenient storage of swabs, instructions, notes, or any other essentials.

Verify Calibration at Your Convenience

With built-in sensor checks and a Calibration Control Kit sold separately, verifying calibration is literally effortless. Simply turn on the self-check feature and every time the system is powered on, calibration will be confirmed. If your HACCP or GMP program calls for additional calibration assurance, use the Calibration Control Kit to verify the system is in working order at any time. With the internal self-check and the calibration kit, you’ll always be confident the system is within specifications. In addition, you’ll avoid costly and inconvenient yearly calibration charges that other manufacturers require.

Complete Environmental Monitoring Solution

Our Hygiena monitoring systems are designed to be a complete environmental monitoring solution. We’ve combined an intuitive luminometer interface with compatibility across all Hygiena’s test devices. Use our best-in-class ATP test devices to verify cleanliness. Go deeper and use our MicroSnap™ indicator organism tests to isolate problem areas in your facility. Need to test for glucose, lactose, or other enzymes? We’ve got you covered. Learn more about all our tests below.

Run Multiple Tests on One System

EnSURE™ Touch monitoring system is designed to be a complete environmental monitoring solution. We’ve combined an intuitive luminometer interface with compatibility across all Hygiena’s test devices. Use our best-in-class ATP test devices to verify cleanliness. Go deeper and use our MicroSnap™ indicator organism tests to isolate problem areas in your facility. Need to test for glucose, lactose, or other enzymes? We’ve got you covered. Learn more about all our tests below.

ATP Cleaning Verification Test

The EnSURE™ Touch luminometer is compatible with all Hygiena ATP test devices.

  • UltraSnap™ – Surface ATP Test
  • SuperSnap™ – High-sensitivity Surface ATP Test
  • AquaSnap™ Total – Water ATP Test
  • AquaSnap™ Free – Water ATP Test

Indicator Organism Tests

MicroSnap™ indicator organism tests bridge the time gap between ATP and bacterial culture results with convenient same-day results.

  • MicroSnap™ Coliform
  • MicroSnap™ E. coli
  • MicroSnap™ Enterobacteriaceae
  • MicroSnap™ Total

Enzyme Tests

The EnSURE™ Touch supports two of our rapid enzyme tests. Cross Check detects acid phosphatase activity to determine if raw meat residue exists on a surface. It can also be used to verify the thermal processing of finished products.  ZymoSnap ALP detects alkaline phosphatase activity in milk products to verify pasteurization efficiency.

SureTrend® Environmental Monitoring Dashboard

The SureTrend® dashboard provides one view of your entire environmental monitoring program. It can be configured to display the metrics that matter to your program so you’ll know the status of plant cleanliness in seconds. The dashboard displays Pass/Caution/Fail results and failed test results by location or plan. Learn more about SureTrend® software.

How To Use

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