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AllerFlow ® Gluten

Hygiena AllerFlow Gluten is a short and handy check for detecting residual gluten on surfaces as a part of an allergen manage program. Combining Hygiena's handy sampling swab layout and conventional lateral float technology, AllerFlow Gluten makes checking out for gluten simpler than ever.


Key Benefits

  • Quick and convenient sample collection require minimal sample collection.
  • Pre moistened swab makes the collection of sample more reliable.
  • A simple kit contains all the required stuff – no pipettes, bottles, scales, or heating blocks required.
  • Pre-measured, self-contained extraction buffer presents steady outcomes.
  • Easy–to-interpret lateral waft check outcomes in 10 minutes.
  • Specifically to the poisonous fraction of gluten from rye, wheat, oat, and barley.
  • No cross-reactivity with corn, soy, or rice.
  • At room temperature its shelf life is more than 15 months.
AllerFlow GLuten

Industry Usage of Allerflow Gluten

Hygiena’s AllerFlow Gluten is mainly used in the food industry for allergen control. It can be used in a variety of settings such as bakeries, breweries, restaurants, and food manufacturing plants to test for the presence of gluten in food products. This test is particularly useful for companies that produce gluten-free products, as it allows them to ensure that their products meet the strict standards for gluten-free labeling.

Key Benefits

All-in-one Device

10 Minute Assay

Easy-to-read Results

Sensitive to 5 μg

Cost Effective

Swab, Snap and Pour

  • Detection limit 3 ppm (<20 ppm is considered “gluten-free”)
  • Determination of gluten in all kinds of foodstuffs
  • Specific to the toxic fraction of gluten from wheat, barley, rye, and some rare varieties of oats
  • No cross-reactivity with soy, rice, or corn

Easy to Interpret Results

AllerFlow Gluten results couldn’t be easier to read. If the sample contains 5 ppm or more of gluten, a red line will appear on the cassette. Results are simple for any user to understand without complicated interpretation or instrumentation.


Round Out Your Allergen Prevention Program

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