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EnSURE Touch

EnSURE Touch is the latest tracking device that collects, analyzes, and reviews information from various time-examined exceptional checking-out equipment, offering rapid and correct information for sanitation verification. EnSURE Touch capabilities include a 5-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi sync generation, and cloud-primarily based software.



The EnSURE Touch was created from the ground to revolutionize flexibility and to make its use universal. Its efficiency is more than an ATP meter and is an effective tool for an environmental monitoring solution. Here are a few of the key benefits listed down below.

  • Easy-to-use & intuitive – no training is required to apply it.
  • It is the main web-primarily based platform – no software program application downloading is needed.
  • Full environmental monitoring system.
  • Easily manage one or hundreds of devices from one account – Track re-checks to discover opportunities for retraining or find tools that could need replacing.
Ensure Touch

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Key Benefits

With so many innovative features, where do we start? The EnSURE™ Touch was designed from the ground up to revolutionalize flexibility and ease of use. It’s more than an ATP meter, it’s the centerpiece of a complete environmental monitoring solution. With compatibility with Hygiena’s ATP, Indicator Organism, Enzyme, and Allergen test devices, plus wireless sync capability to SureTrend™ Cloud, you can now centralize all your environmental monitoring tests in one cloud-based location… giving you a complete 360-degree view of your food safety program.

Intuitive Smartphone Design

The EnSURE™ Touch breaks the mold of traditional ATP luminometers. Its innovative design puts the power of a smartphone in your hands. Its simple icons and intuitive navigation make it the easiest ATP meter to use. But, don’t let the simplicity fool you… this thing is powerful!

Ensure Touch

Run Multiple Tests on One System

EnSURE™ Touch monitoring system is designed to be a complete environmental monitoring solution. We’ve combined an intuitive luminometer interface with compatibility across all Hygiena’s test devices. Use our best-in-class ATP test devices to verify cleanliness. Go deeper and use our MicroSnap™ indicator organism tests to isolate problem areas in your facility. Need to test for glucose, lactose, or other enzymes? We’ve got you covered. Learn more about all our tests below.

ATP Cleaning Verification Test

The EnSURE™ Touch luminometer is compatible with all Hygiena ATP test devices.

  • UltraSnap™ – Surface ATP Test
  • SuperSnap™ – High-sensitivity Surface ATP Test
  • AquaSnap™ Total – Water ATP Test
  • AquaSnap™ Free – Water ATP Test

Indicator Organism Tests

MicroSnap™ indicator organism tests bridge the time gap between ATP and bacterial culture results with convenient same-day results.

  • MicroSnap™ Coliform
  • MicroSnap™ E. coli
  • MicroSnap™ Enterobacteriaceae
  • MicroSnap™ Total

Enzyme Tests

The EnSURE™ Touch supports two of our rapid enzyme tests. Cross Check detects acid phosphatase activity to determine if raw meat residue exists on a surface. It can also be used to verify the thermal processing of finished products.  ZymoSnap ALP detects alkaline phosphatase activity in milk products to verify pasteurization efficiency.

Allergen Tests

EnSURE Touch is the only luminometer on the market that tracks and reports on allergens. It is compatible with five of our rapid allergen tests:

  • AllerFlow Gluten – environmental gluten surface test
  • AllerSnap™️ – general protein test
  • PRO-Clean™️ – surface protein test
  • AlerTox®️ Sticks – food, drink, and surface allergen test
  • GlutenTox®️ Pro – food, drink, and surface gluten test

Recording Allergen Tests

The EnSURE™️ Touch Allergen App makes manual entry of allergen test results on Excel spreadsheets a thing of the past. Compile all your allergen test kit data in one spot and be ready for audits. After an allergen test is performed, open the Allergen App on your EnSURE™️ Touch, enter the data seen on your test device by choosing the correlating image. Upon entering the results in your EnSURE™️ Touch instrument, the data automatically syncs to the cloud, creating visibility for your team members with access to SureTrend™️ Cloud.

Cloud-Connected Reporting

Analyze test results across facilities in one interactive dashboard. Hygiena’s EnSURE™ Touch connects to SureTrend™ Cloud over WiFi using SSL encryption and securely stores your test results. Control access with a robust set of user privileges.

How To Use

Powering On & Charging

Adding & Managing Users

Performing a Quick Test

Adding & Managing Plans

Adding & Managing Locations

Performing a Calibration Check

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